Another acoustic option, the A3R, is part of Yamaha’s A series. It features a solid Sitka spruce top, solid rosewood back and sides, and a comfortable neck profile. The SRT System pickup system ensures great plugged-in sound.

  • Traditional Western Body Cutaway
  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top with A.R.E.
  • Solid Rosewood Back & Sides
  • New Scalloped Bracing for Louder, Richer Acoustic Sound
  • Natural, Dynamic Plugged-in Sound by SRT2 System
  • High Comfort Neck Profile
  • Simple and Distinctive Looks
  • Elixir Strings
  • Hard Bag Included


The Yamaha A3R is a high-quality acoustic guitar that offers a rich and balanced tone, comfortable playability, and reliable electronics for amplified performances. While individual preferences vary, the A3R is a solid choice for those seeking a versatile and well-crafted acoustic guitar. Please note that you should try it out in person if possible, as playing comfort and tonal preferences can be subjective. Additionally, Yamaha’s product lineup may have evolved since my last update, so be sure to check the latest reviews and specifications before making a purchase.


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